Friday, April 21, 2017

Fate of the Wicked

Even when righteous people are dead and gone, they put to shame the wicked people who live on after them.In their old age the wicked will be disgrace by young people who have already achieved protection.The wise may be die young,but the wicked will never understand that this is the Lord's way of  them off to safety.They make light of  a wise person's death, but Lord will soon be laughing at them.When they die, they will not  be given an honorable burial.Even the dead will hold them in scorn and disgust forever.God will throw them to the ground an make them speechless.Like buildings shaken from their foundations, they will be reduced piles of ruins.They will be in torment . People will soon forget all about them.They will come in fear to the judgment.Where their sins will be counted.They will stand condemned by their own lawless actions.

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