Friday, April 28, 2017

Nature of Wisdom

The spirit of Wisdom is intelligent and holy.It is one nature but reveals itself in many ways.It is not made in any material substance,and it moves about freely.It is clear,clean and confident;it can not be harmed.It loves what is good.It sharp and conquerable,kind and a friend of humanity.It is dependable and sure,and has no worries.It has over power of everything,and sees everything.It penerates every spirit that is intelligent and pure,no matter how delicate it's substance may be.
Wisdom moves easily than motion itself;she is so pure that penetrates everything.She is a breath and God's power-to pure and radiant stream of glory from the Almighty.Nothing that is defiled can ever steal  it's way into Wisdom.She is reflection of eternal light,"A Perfect Mirror of God's" activity of goodness.Even though Wisdom acts alone,she can do anything.She makes everything new, although she herself never changes.From generation to generation she enters the souls of holy people,and makes them God's friend s and prophets.There is nothing that loves more than people who are at home with Wisdom.Wisdom is more beautiful than the sun and all the constilations.She better than light itself.Because night always follows day,but evil never overcomes Wisdom.
Her great power riches into every part of the world,and she sets everything in useful order.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Fate of the Wicked

Even when righteous people are dead and gone, they put to shame the wicked people who live on after them.In their old age the wicked will be disgrace by young people who have already achieved protection.The wise may be die young,but the wicked will never understand that this is the Lord's way of  them off to safety.They make light of  a wise person's death, but Lord will soon be laughing at them.When they die, they will not  be given an honorable burial.Even the dead will hold them in scorn and disgust forever.God will throw them to the ground an make them speechless.Like buildings shaken from their foundations, they will be reduced piles of ruins.They will be in torment . People will soon forget all about them.They will come in fear to the judgment.Where their sins will be counted.They will stand condemned by their own lawless actions.

Monday, April 10, 2017

History Anticipation

On this holy week or in every season like this,read and review​ history about wisdom.Open here on this site :
Jesus Christ is the King
Israel 1,2 and 3
Farewell from Darkness (the message of the last supper)
Seventh of Seven
Seventh Church and the Seventh Day.                                     Or go to :​

Sunday, April 9, 2017


But righteous people protected by God and will never suffer torment.It is foolish mistake to think that righteous people die and that their death is terrible evil.They have leave us but it is not disaster.In fact,the righteous are in peace.It might appear that they have suffered punishment,but they have the confident hope of immorality.Their sufferings were minor compared with the blessings they will recieve.God has tested them, like gold in a furnace,and found them worthy to be with him.He accepted them, just as he accepts the sacrifices which his shipers burn on the altar.
When God comes to reward the righteous, they will blaze put against the wicked like fire in dry straw.They rule over nations and peoples,and the Lord will be king forever.Those who have put their trust in God will come to understand the truth of his ways.Those who have been faithful will live with him in his love,for he is kind and merciful to the ones whom he has chosen.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


The ungodly,however,will get the punishment their wicked thoughts deserve, because they rebelled against Lord and ignored what was right.
A man who has no use for wisdom or education has a miserable life in store for him.He has nothing on hope for.His labors s are useless,and he will never accomplish anything worthwhile.The woman he marries will turn out to be irresponsible,and his children will go wrong.All his descendants will be under the curse.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Do not bring on your own death by sinful actions.God did not invent death,and in living creatures,die it giving no pleasure.He created everything so that it might continue to exist,and everything he created is wholesome and good.There is no deadly poison in them.No, death does rule this world,for God's justice does not die.
Ungodly people have brought death on themselves by the thing they have said and done.They yearn for death as if  it were a lover.They have gone into partnership with death,and it is just what they deserves.

Wisdom of Solomon and Sirach - on Web: Introduction :

Wisdom of Solomon and Sirach - on Web: Introduction :: Wisdom of Solomon is different from songs of Solomon in sixty six bible books. Sirach was a son of Jesus (not Christ). Sirach wisdom also...

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Introduction :

Wisdom of Solomon is different from songs of Solomon in sixty six bible books.
Sirach was a son of Jesus (not Christ).
Sirach wisdom also called Ecclesiasticus.
Books written in order to teach God rewards those who are faithful to him.

Monday, April 3, 2017

From previous name of this page "Red Bulls" will change to Wisdom  of Solomon and Sirach - on Web.Books of wisdom to post here are selected by means of teaching on today's generations and to come.